Monday, 10 November 2008

Bang and Splash

It was the second time we attended the Fireworks at the Castle. I'd bought the tickets in advance from Coventry Building Society, and had been watching the forecast and thought it would be a washout.

The rain held off, so off we trotted early this time, as last time we were one of the late ones who held up the show! This time there were loads of people with tickets and the queues for cash were much shorter, the reverse of last year, and chatting to the next people, found out that for the first time one could download tickets from the Internet and it seemed to them that there were many more people this year.

We found a nice vantage point, and enjoyed the start of the show. There were loads of bangs and ows of admiration, but about ten minutes from the end, the drops got larger and larger, and I could feel the trickles down my neck. The consensus was that we head home. David walked as fast as he could, as he did not feel like running. The pace was such that every few steps, I had to jog a little, and we both splashed our way home. Anyone who knows how much taller David is, can picture the image of my trotting along to keep up!

Lessons learnt:

Remember to take the camera
Take a torch
Take a large umbrella

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