Monday, 10 November 2008

Kenilworth in Bloom - Daffodil Project

As I have not yet claimed my birthday present from last year, and the next one is looming close, I woke up one morning a few weeks ago with a yearning after daffodils in the Spring. Not just a few daffodils but loads and loads. Not having a big garden, I thought wider: grass verge outside the house and the green opposite. Things I miss about Swindon are my neighbours and friends and the swathes of daffodils each spring dotted all around the town.

Here are the wild daffodil and the Tenby Daffodil side by side, with my wedding ring to give some scale. It is a little late for planting the bulbs, but I wanted to get some in the ground. , and the wild ones I've planted in the back garden and in pots. The supply of the wild ones is very restricted and a little too costly, and it seems that the Tenby Daffodil which naturalises easily and also seeds, is the optimum for growing in grass. Just because I really wanted these and the growers were out of stock, I did manage to find a good wild flower supplier, but at a price!

I've contacted the growers in Wales and hope to be able to distribute the bulbs at cost to any groups in Kenilworth who wish to plant out verges, green areas, school grounds etc. I need to get my order in early, so will be contacting people early next year to gauge the amounts required.

I've done my research and contacted various bodies with more to do on that front. Having spoken with a Kenilworth worthy, he suggested that I do this in conjunction with Kenilworth in Bloom, and open this to the whole town. I'm looking forward to the next Committee meeting where I shall put forward my case. To promote my new pet project, I am planting some clumps of daffodils, which I hope will be flowering next spring when I want to launch the Kenilworth Daffodil Project.
I hope that people all around Kenilworth will be mobilised to plant the Tenby daffodil widely next year and enjoy the spring show for many years to come.

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