Monday, 22 December 2008

Carols at the Castle

I needed something to get me in to the Christmas mood, so wondered whether Mr S would like to come and sing some carols with me at the Castle. Its an unusual request from me as those who know me very well indeed, know that I am not a singer. Although I definitely need singing lessons, I really do like to sing, though I can get a big lump in my throat and even a small tear when singing carols.
Even though the boy was a little poorly with a cold, as the evening was warm, dry and with no wind, we walked out armed with torch and camera. As we turned the corner by the car park we were wowed by the Castle all lit up, and by the gates we were greeted by the Kenilworth Lions, with song sheet. There were treats too, and the mulled wine and mince pies were lovely. The children's choir from St Augutine's School was so touching, and there was the Steel Band and a brass band to accompany the Carols. We had a good sing at the top of our voices.

There were groups of people and some with at least three generations, some had lanterns and wonderful hats. A group of younger boys were rushing round and jumping off ruined walls, and cute little girls were parading around in fancy hats and gloves etc. I looked around to see whether my friend Mandy was there with her family. Mandy had knitted some fabulous hats last year, and what a place to parade in them. However little did I know then that was the last place she would be as she was undergoing a medical emergency, but thankfully she is now on the mend.

Next year, I would love to take some friends there and have supper here afterwards, or tea before, which will be a lovely start to the Christmas festivities.

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