Monday, 22 December 2008

Putting up the Christmas Decorations

Yesterday Mr S brought down the tree and decorations from the loft, and set to and has made a jolly display. I tried not to get involved when all the lights were strewn across the carpet, and repairs were made. How do lights which are working perfectly and then packed very carefully end up causing problems when they are unpacked?

I am going through my less is more stage, and not all the baubles have been hung on the tree. I have made sure to hang those ones with special memories, ones given by friends over the years, such as the glass ballerina from Barbara a colleague from Wace Corporate Print Days, a lovely china ornament from Jayne, and a silver snow-flake from Gillian Brown a neighbour from Retingham Way days, who is no longer with us.

Decorating the tree is the ideal time to open the special VERY BIG box of Maltesers, which Mr S brought home on Friday evening. I love them, and it is very difficult to have only one, isn't it? There are still some left for the remaining days before Christmas!

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