Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Kenilworth Knit and Natter Workshop

How good can life in a friendly small town, having a knitting group within walking distance peopled by charming women, and then a knitting workshop organised by Mandy at our normal haunt. I had a wonderful day, and learnt a few excellent finishing techniques. Jane Crowfoot was inspiring. Jane's cushions and kits were inspiring, and Roni from our group for one, bought this and has nearly finished hers. Clever woman that she is, she is getting two from one kit, by knitting a plain backing for them, from stashed yarn. They come in two colourways, and here they are propped up against the windows at the Almanack. Our lunch, coffees etc ther were delicious.

Mandy also writes a blog, always worth a look at, not only on account of her excellent pictures, but also her witty musings. If you want to know more about our workshop, then I would point you in her direction.

When I saw the needles that Jane had brought along, I felt I just needed to add this pair to my collection. They are made from wood left over from instrument making, and for sentimental reasons, I wanted to have this ebony pair as Mauritius was an island which was first visited/plundered for its ebony. I always love to look at this wood when in museums etc. Now I have a little bit for myself.

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  1. It was such fun, I loved your photograph of both of the cushions, such a good angle.

    I was so tempted by the ebony knitting needles, alas I have a Golden Retriever who thinks of needles as sticks and although he knows he is doing wrong, I know this because he always looks so down crested when I walk into the living room when he has tasted a wooden needle thinking it may be a stick for him. One day, I shall have such beautiful things to keep, but not just yet.