Sunday, 28 August 2011

New Bakery Opens in Kenilworth

Crustum opened recently in Kenilworth. I happened to be cycling past, having heard about this new venture, and with all my interest in things yeasty, called in.

Nick is a charming person, and our paths had crossed before. I was delighted to find that he is using Shipton Mill flour. I used to visit the mill when I lived in Wiltshire, and bought my sacks from there. Their range of flours is top quality. I've tried Nick's Monkey Bread and also his Sour Dough, both excellent

Its great to have an Independent Craft Baker with whom I can chat.

Crustum is open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Whilst we were chatting, I mentioned my love of things doughy, and have been invited to go and bake with him...also I mentioned my passion for preserves, and have been invited to sell my produce there. These past few weeks, I've been researching this proposition, have contacted the Local Authority, and am working on this watch this space!

Sorry Nick, although I am recommending you to all and sundry, I love baking too much not to continue at home....

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  1. Exciting times, "Mrs Mace Preserves" sounds perfect!