Monday, 18 February 2013

Coffee and Walnut Cake

No baking this week as my Valentine and I went away for a few days, so I'm posting this great Coffee and Walnut Cake which I made a little while back.  This is one of my very favourite cakes, and when we are in cake shops having coffee etc, this is the one I usually go for, but sadly it often disappoints due to not enough walnuts and not enough coffee.  Made specially for my daughter in law and grand daughter visiting for a few days at the beginning of February.  Hubby needs to steer clear of coffee, so this was just for the girls!

Again I made a two egg sponge in my square tin, with walnuts gently roasted in the oven before using.  I made this by the traditional method of creaming soft butter with golden caster sugar, used lovely fresh eggs, and self raising flour, but not adding any further baking powder which I think dries out the mixture and gives it that rough tooth feel...not very pleasant.

I measured my tin again and it is slightly bigger than I thought, which explains why cutting a 4 inch slice, leaves the other larger, still that means trimmings for the cook!!  With the amount of coffee and the roasted nuts, its was really tasty!!  Just a standard butter icing flavoured with strong instant coffee, and a little liqueur.  This gives eight chic shaped slices each with a walnut..

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