Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The parable of the woman and the lost coin

Why do I always think of this parable when I loose something then spend lots of time looking for it?  It must be something hard wired into my brain from an early age...but somehow it has got reworked for me......

Loose something, and then try to look for the meantime, like me, you will probably have tidied out all your drawers, sorted out more things for recycling or the Charity Shops, find cards for special people which one had stashed away and forgotten, find other things that had been forgotten......then finally find your item.  Double joy!

So if I have lost something, I do not despair, I look for it knowing that I will find even more.  Sometimes if I have lost something, I ask, and then someone somewhere will have seen it.  The most amazing incident was loosing my cycling gloves quite some time ago, and then when I asked about this, a friend said that she had seen them in Town down an alley, and the gloves and I were reunited!

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