Sunday, 23 June 2013

First stop Bergen

We woke to a sunny morning, with great views from our room of little shore settlements on the way into Bergen.

These two tourists to Bergen decided to do their own thing.  With good maps and guides, we chose a walking route through the town centre, admiring the many fresh fish stalls on the quay side.

We inspected and admired a number of public sculptures

They were in tune with their surroundings, on this warm sunny day,

this lady looked set for a dip in lille-Lungegardvann just by her.

We made for the Hakon's Hall and the Rosenkrantz Tower, a very short walk from the central quay.

We were greeted by two young women, who spoke excellent English, and gave us all the pointers which would help us enjoy our visit, which included free tea and coffee at the little inner courtyard café.

They were very well informed and we met up with one of them later and were given a guided tour of the tower.

The main hall was really impressive, and was rebuilt after the being badly damaged when a German ammunition ship exploded in the harbour just below.  The Hall is huge, measuring 37 x 16 metres.  It is used for ceremonial occasions and for concerts.  I loved the intricate tapestry along the front of the Royal High Table.

Alongside the hall's wall opposite the arched windows the wall was lined with woven wool with subtle tapestries above.

Between the Hall and the Tower, a pretty inner courtyard house .

Still alongside the Key, we explored an area with old painted wooden houses and shops,
with interesting details

Around many corners we found delightful buildings and townscapes

The town was quite quiet, but everyone was outside enjoying the sunshine.

The town was very smart, and we explored down many pretty roads.

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