Monday, 10 February 2014


This term I am trying very hard to learn copperplate...getting used to my nib, spoiling it, then starting again with a new one....just as I think it is the nib, I get my teacher to write something, and it is perfect.  So it is me, I need to practise, and what do they say: practice makes perfect...I am happy with the not so perfect, not looking like it was downloaded as a perfect script and printed, and just looking like I have made some effort.

Calligraphy and working on various little projects is me dipping my toe into 'artistic pursuits'.

In the meantime, I have taken to looking for appropriate lines from poems or noting down a few phrases, and as they bring friends to mind, I made them a book mark.  Quite appropriate really:

A bookmark: an artifact such as a piece of paper that you put in a book, to mark a place.  Something which may soon be completely useless as the march of 'virtual books' progresses.  I use all types of items such as postcards or photographs to mark pages..and even if it is years later that I come upon them again, they are carry me right back to the moment and reason I first chose them.  So I thought I would start to make some...

Hand Written:  Again an action which is quickly becoming something which is consigned to marginal tasks...Calligraphy is still a pleasurable art.  I even practise my scripts on my shopping list and my to do lists!

So I call my little bookmarks 'Folk Art', for when books with paper are no longer used this is all these bookmarks will be.

 I have a friend with a new loom, who is busy exploring pretty patterns with her own spun yarn.  Another who loves Oscar Wilde, and another who loves trees...

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