Monday, 10 February 2014

Easy Shortbread Squares by the Hairy Bikers

I had six tokens for biscuits, cakes or pudding and a couple of weeks ago I cashed in my first one.

When I got in from a Saturday out knitting, this is what greeted me...and the smell was divine.  Its such a trick of nature that if you are baking you just do not get the rush of the scent, but if someone else bakes and you come to is just wonderful.

This is from a chap who does not bake.  He goes to the book shelf, gets out a book, ( He likes the Hairy Bikers: well they are chaps who like motorbikes and have beards)....chooses a recipe, checks he has all the ingredients, and then just makes them.  He used homemade blackcurrant jam instead of raspberry as there was none in the cupboard.  These were made for blackcurrant jam! I realize now that I have found the recipe why he chose it.  It is called Easy Shortbread Squares...but it involves freezing the pastry then grating it etc...I don't think I would have chosen this recipe just from reading it, so it goes to show that there is more than one baker in this home!  I can't wait to see what the other five vouchers bring.  Thanks a lot darling!

Half of these went into the freezer, four pieces went to Roz who kindly invited me to help her harvest her blackcurrant bushes back in the summer, and allowed me to return home with a couple of pounds for jam making.

And for the return bake this weekend, a batch of Lazybones Buns again from The Big Book of Baking by the Hairy Bikers, but substituted mace for the cinnamon of which Mr S is not fond.

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