Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Crassula Falcata Buddha's Temple

What a name, what a succulent...

I love and admire the beautiful patterns of nature, and I enjoy having a variety of succulents.  I prefer succulents as without their spines, they are much kinder on the hands.  They bring a little of the exotic to my indoor garden, and in the summer they stand nicely on my pebble garden.

When my friend Kevin mentioned this crassula to me, I knew I would love it, and also it reminds me of my sister...on account of its name.

It first came to me via Kevin as a small plant, well labelled, about as long and thick as my thumb.  It must be about three years ago.  When I first got it, I wondered how it was propagated etc.  Now it has grown long and is curling around an old paper knife which I had had since a girl.  Its end broke but it makes a lovely exotic stake!

It now looks as if it is going to flower, so I shall wait to see if it does.  Since last summer it has started to grow size shoots arising from the axil of a few leaves, so it is these which I shall slice off and try to get rooted.  The lower part of the main stem is growing bare as the very oldest leaves are shriveling and I cannot resist pulling them off to see whether there are any insects lurking.  I have very little knowledge in growing these plants, so maybe I have not been doing quite the right thing.

Needless to say, I was inspired to write this today, as I received an email from Kevin today mentioning another Crassula falcata with a completely different leaf form but with a good flower, known as airplane plant...is this another one to add to my collection?

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