Monday, 23 June 2014

Plant swaps

For a long time I have been propagating, I love the fact that with some knowledge, a few books, tips from fellow gardeners, one can take a plant and make more.  Some plants just want to grow more new ones, other ones take time and patience, and lots of care, and some are just best left in the hands of professionals.  After all my parents were in the profession and I am happy to pay good money if I really would like a plant and it is well grown.

Most of the plants I propagate get given to friends or sold at local venues for charity.  Sometimes I would just love to be able to have more access to plants, swap, and also 'give' mine away to fellow gardeners.

I came across this site the Green Plant Swap, and have set myself up there, so maybe I shall come across a local fellow thinker.  I joined Ravelry which is a superb site for knitters, and hope the Green Plant Swap site may prove as entertaining and productive.  I hope to be more organised with my photographs and more coordinated with my researches.

I have found out the name of this fantastic flower growing in the The National Trust Garden at The Courts is Phuopsis stylosa.  I am trying to source this and wish I had asked the Gardens if they would give me a cutting.

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