Friday, 3 April 2015

Aeoniums win Prizes

I selected a couple of my aeoniums to take to the April Show and in the category House Plant Foliage where they won First and Third Prize.  I now have four varieties and enjoy watching them grow, and trying to propagate them.  The Green one gives off a lovely honey fragrance especially when it is warm, and has a good habit of branching off regularly.  This is the one I brought back from the Isles of Scilly several years ago.

My newest acquisition is still doing well:  Cristata Sunburst which is the green and white variegated one.  I shall have to bite the bullet and remove the central few leaves to help it branch, and then hopefully I shall get two or three side shoots to propagate further.

What I love about Aeoniums is that they love the light levels in the conservatory, yet can easily spend the winter with no heating.  If is going to drop to below -5C I drag them into the dining room for the night, as I would hate to loose them.

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