Friday, 3 April 2015

Garden at the start of April

Although the winter does not seem to have been very hard this year, I think that we are late with Spring here in the Midlands.  Usually I manage to find one or two good auriculas to show, these is not a blossom stem in sight.

I love to grow shrubs in tubs, this one with a dwarf prostate forsythia works its way to the patio each spring.  The show starts with a few species crocus and there is interest throughout the year, but it does move down the garden as different tubs take their turn as  stars.

This is a new planted pot has Lophomyrtus ralphii Little Star, a new fern, a couple of parahebes,  and some cyclamen seedlings, and my stone with a large hole through it!

My little wild pink primrose is in full bloom, and I have even managed to divide up a clump just this week and position some around the garden.  With the ample rain, they still look very perky as if they were well established!

Even though I think the garden is just about full, you can get seduced by new plants!  Especially when Mr S admired the leaf form of this one.  We bought it from Packwood House a few days ago.  The gardeners there have a few of their well grown plants for sale, and it is lovely to support them.  This one is Sanguisorba Officinalis 'Pink Tanna'.  For the moment it is still in its pot on the patio table where the light is shining through its leaves.

I still love to find flowers seeded where they will, and of course left by me, and not moved elsewhere:

 and one of our little men is wondering what happened to his label this year.  I think I should made him a tie!

The last plant is very small, but just look at the pattern, and the light falling on its hairy leaves.  It looks positively tropical and yet it is fully hardy.

Later it will have tall flower spikes, with dainty little flowers.  This picture was taken in June last year.  Its called Saxifrage stonlonifera.  Its great for growing in shady areas in the garden and is completely frost tolerant in Warwickshire.


  1. The little pink primroses here are brightening up our patio.
    And mentioning auriculas - I am printing the first colour of my latest floral this afternoon which is an old long tom terracotta pot of sunny faced auriculas!
    Heather :)

  2. Auriculas and long toms....the passion of many a Georgian Florist. I love the beautiful auricula stages which are created to show them off.