Monday, 28 September 2015

Malvern Show

On Sunday I had a day out on the outing to The Malvern Autumn Show, organised by Letti Blakefrom Our Horticultural Club.  We had a really good sunny day, with hardly any wind.  I wondered around on my own, as I had left my hero behind, painting out the airing cupboard after our new gas boiler was refitted this week.

 I felt that the plant and flower areas had dwindled compared to several years ago, but heard that it is the Spring Show that gardeners should head for.  I even felt that I had missed a tent!  That is all well and good, but the Autumn is the time for lovely show plants and Michaelmas Daisies.

After reading my blogging friend Helen Johnstone's review of The Plant Lovers Guide to Asters, and her previous visits to Old Court Nurseries, I was pleased to find their stand.  It was after sitting down and listening to a short talk given by Helen Picton.  It was great to see so many well grown plants together, and here make a note some of my favourites: Blandie


I also know why my Aster Macrophyllus twilight one of mine is not performing: it is not getting sufficient sun.

There were some excellent Fushia stands, with a huge range.  Some had been grown as bonsai and looked magnificent...but I prefer the much lower maintenance regime of hardy garden grown varieties.  This new one called Cherry Lee really appealed not only because of its lovely flower but because of its pretty foliage.

This Rudbekia Triloba Prairie Glow stood out, with its flowers held on sturdy dark stems.  I am on the look out for some seed or do let me know if you are reading this and you know where to source some from.

There was a marquee where giant vegetables were being exhibited...

but towards one end were some displays of herbs.  This African Blue Basil would be worth growing just for its leaves.

With the Rudbekia and African Blue Basil on my list of plants to find for next year...

What did I come back with...

I loved the Fernatix Stand, and maybe it was because this fern reminded me of the ones I saw growing in Yorkshire, I brought back this Polypodium Vulgare.  I love the green and the frond shape.  and being quite short growing to 8 in it will look lovely cut in vases.

I also picked up a punnet a round green Butler cobnuts and some apples from a local grower.  And to finish off the day a delicious Buffalo milk icecream form a producer who comes from just a few miles from Kenilworth, at Napton and from whom we have had many delicious cones at other shows!

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