Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Visit to Eltham Palace

Last Monday we joined a trip going straight from Kenilworth to London.  Cynthia one of my knitting friends had invited Mr S and I to join the outing she was organizing.  It was very well organised and when I suggested that there may be 'discounts' for English Heritage Members, and she made her inquiries about this several of the group had a nice little balance to enjoy on tea and lunch in the Eltham Palace tea rooms which are housed in a large glass house.

Even with an early start: 7:30 am we were caught in the dreadful traffic surrounding the road works around Coventry, and then later on the motorway on our way to London.  Including the breaks it took us four hours to get to Eltham Palace.  Once in London, I enjoyed looking at the buildings.  What we have agreed Mr S and I, is that we shall avoid long coach travel just for one day out!  Unfortunately for us, we had a woman with a really piercing voice, not too nice a way of talking, talking all the way there and back, sitting just behind us, which did not allow us to snooze off, which always helps with a long journey!

The Old Hall is amazing, well restored with a nice collection of old chairs, tables, and sideboards.  What I really loved was the circular entrance with carpet and sofas

with welcome cocktails, well we were not served one, but you get the idea...

I found the bedrooms interesting

and how about this for a bathroom en suite

The way the furniture was designed with fitted cupboards etc, reminded me of some the furniture and arrangements in people's homes in Mauritius when I was young.

The gardens were lovely and well set out, with fantastic views towards London.  You could just see how high up you were.  There were two lovely fragrant trees of something like Indian Privet Trees close by the front drive.  The rose gardens, dahlias, and herbaceous borders well still well worth looking at.

In the afternoon the coach took us down to Greenwich,  where we had a short talk, and then we hopped onto a boat for an hour's trip with good commentary all along to Westminster, where we got back on our coach for the long trip home.  We really loved Greenwich, and it is on our list for a few days break in that area...going by train!

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