Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Portmeirion Socks

I was just checking through my special pillow case which contains some of my new knits, when I came across this lovely pair of socks, which were knitted in 2014.  I had quite forgotten about them as they were in my pile of possibles for competitions etc.  Again these were knitted in a really soft yarn in one of my favourite colours.

The pattern for Porteirion Socks just reminded of the lovely ferns I had seen growing wild in Yorkshire...and come to think I have been in some lovely woods in Wales not far from Portmeirion where the fern grew amongst the mosses under the oak trees.

I have started to grow more ferns in the garden, their forms are so numerous, and they do very well in the shady part of the garden, both in pots and in the ground.


  1. They look even more beautiful in real life Noelle. I can see why they reminded of you of ferns.

    1. So pleased you liked them Anna. When I saw the pattern and it wasn't in green, I could just visualise them in that colour. Must knit these again!