Sunday, 24 January 2016

Where did we go yesterday?

Have you guessed yet?

It was to the City where Worcestershire Sauce is made.  It is still made there but sadly I understand that it is part of the Heinz Group now, so no longer British Owned.  I have always loved Lea & Perrins Sauce, maybe because my Daddy loved it too, adding it to his cold lentils with a little dash of olive oil, with sea salt and grindings of black pepper!

I always have a bottle somewhere mainly as a reminder of my time when I was with Dad, when Mum and sisters were abroad.    He and I played at 'gourmets'...and Worcestershire was part of the game all those years ago in Mauritius, used as a condiment on starters of artichokes, salsify or scorzonera, together with cooked cold pulses, and other salads.  I remember his showing me how to make real mayonnaise too.  I think that now we would mostly use Balsamic Vinegar but I had not tasted it then, and I am not sure that Mauritius would have imported it.  I wonder whether Dad had it when he was in Italy during the War.

The board  about Worcestershire Sauce was in the hallway of the Tudor House Museum on Friar Street. It is along  Friar Street, so  it is worth veering off the main High Street to explore.

We were told about this at the Tourist Information office at the Guildhall.  There were a couple of places we would have visited, except we were told they were closed during the 'quiet season'.  Anyway, we had plenty to see, and shall of course be returning again.

The Guildhall was open and visitors welcomed in.

Each side of the main Entrance are statues

and inside the rooms are still used for functions

There are some lovely paintings, and the long windows look as if they still have mostly original glass, and peering down I could see that it was nearly time to look for somewhere to have lunch.

We had a delightful lunch at G & Tea, I had coffee and I shared my sandwich with Mr S and he shared his scone from his Cream Tea!  Elegant Sufficiency!

We spent quite some time looking round Worcester Cathedral, and next time, I shall get a photography permit...Afterwards we found steps down from the Cathedral leading down to the river, which gave us a nice walk as the sun went down, back to our car, avoiding all the traffic and hullabaloo of the City.


  1. I am pleased you enjoyed your visit to Worcester, it has many museums and places of interest to visit. If you return in the summer there is a list of open gardens in the county on my blog.

    1. It was really lovely, and just about an hour's drive away. I've tried to look for the list of gardens...having trouble finding it. Would you give me more of a clue where to look? Thanks.

    2. It is on the blogs header along with home, about ect