Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Sfeeha from The Book of Buns

These are little meat buns from the Middle East.  Of course there are many variations and ways of folding the dough...and no doubt I shall explore these in the future.

For the first challenge on 2016 from The Facebook page, we have Sfeeha.  I followed the recipe exactly, but made twice the filling, since my minced lamb came in a 400g packet, and the packet of pine nuts was 100g, when the recipe has 50g, and the green pepper need not be halved, it was begging be be made double the quantity.  

I carefully used only half of the finished 'stew' of lamb, peppers, onions, tomato, herbs, spices and pinenuts.  It is so very delicious that I will use the remainder to stuff and roast a butternut squash.  I have never used this combination of spices and with the lemon zest and juice it tastes superb!

The dough is pretty firm, but after previously asking about firm dough on the Facebook page, I knew to persevere.  I now have 10 very large buns and completely agree with Jane Mason the author about their being "like lamb pizza, only better".

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