Saturday, 23 September 2017

Coffee in Moderation? Kenco decide that people are having coffee in smaller cups

This was what I posted on facebook for my friends to read...its strange this has got me thinking, go to my next post!

I can't believe it!!! Old jar of same Kenco Coffee Instant Rich: 100g 55cups; refill pouch 150g 93 cups, bought only within four weeks or so.
Instantly, excuse the pun, I realised someone got the maths wrong. Should have been 82.5 cups on the pouch. The difference of 10.5 cups is a 12.72%increase.
So I rang the free phone number 0808 100 8787...their explanation is that Kenco has decided people prefer smaller cups!!!
Have you reduced the size of your cups/mugs or decided you would like your cup of coffee signifanctly weaker? Have Jacobs Douwe Egberts replaced all your mugs with smaller versions? At what stage will they bring out a 'smaller jar' with the logo: 'Still the same number of cups'???? But we would not like to give those marketing people another way of increasing profits, would we?
If you have a couple of minutes to spare why not phone them, and ask them this same question? Aren't we all fed up, as consumers, of being taken for mugs?
Please share this, and see if we can put some pressure on firms like this. Wouln't this make a funny comedy number...share with any comedians you know, or cartoonists and if you like send this to a consumer loby group, or even the BBC.

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