Saturday, 9 September 2017

One Rock Pool Sock Complete

Rather than Rock Pool Socks, I think I shall nickname these grape picker's socks.  The grapes on our vine are ripening, not I plan to do anything with them, except feed them to the birds...

I've completed the first sock, with the wonderfully comfortable toe which ends in a seamless tip as a result of the Kitchener stitch which brings two edges together without any bumps...blissful comfort results.

Along the way I adapted the pattern as I do like a longer sock.  I used to use several short double ended knitting needles, but since my knitting friend Ronnie at Kenilworth Knit and Natter started several of us going with short circular needles..I am all for using two needles, and with the sock architecture it makes all the more intricate parts all the easier, as there is no need to place any markers.

The heel flap is worked on one needle whilst the instep stitches are held on the second circular needle which lies idle.  With the heel flap needle you pick up the stitches along the two edges of the heel flap, then start working again in the round....all along, the instep stitches with any special pattern remain on their original needle.

Its easy to check when the decreases stop at the end of the gusset...the stitches on both the needles are equal.

Hopefully the coming week will see the second sock completed.

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