Sunday, 18 February 2018

February focaccia

What is the difference between a Focaccia and a Pizza?

I thought I would make a Pizza, but added more herbs, and oil and make a soft fluffy base, and therefore it became a Focaccia.

Topped with pesto, and fennel roasted butternut squash, a few olives on one, some left over hummus on the other...and then all the buffalo mozzarella.

One for supper this evening...

and another into the freezer for another day!

As they are warmed up, there will be a further grating of pecorino cheese, and fresh basil tossed over the top as it is taken to the table.  A delicious fennel and walnut salad, with added sliced radishes will complete the meal.

I am now really happy that the run of cupboards with lovely pull out baskets etc is in full working order.  I have found my lovely ceramic heart a Christmas present from Jayne some time back, and am now waiting to find decorative hooks to hang both this and the lovely sampler: a house warming present from Kay in Kenilworth.

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