Friday, 23 February 2018

Succulent Update

One of the succulents which I have found particularly easy is Echeveria much so that I have plants dotted all over the house, sheltering from the cold.  I even have this tray in the conservatory.  The three large ones left in the soil in the garden are finally surrendering up following all the rain and now the first hard frosts of the year here in the sheltered garden.

Echeveria Elegans

Even their flowers make excellent cutting and last a long time.

Doing very well at present are the Aeoniums.  I currently have four different types.  The large one for which I have no idea what it is called has a natural way of sending out  side branches from just below the lead one.  On this plant which was rooted about three seasons ago, the first set of side shoots is already sizeable. I acquired the original from my honey friends in Kenilworth.

I have my green ones which smell of honey growing well... fact I have several of them, but here on the table in the conservatory the central one is flanked by two which I acquired on my trip to St David's last autumn.

The Schwarzkopf is on guard in its trough, grateful for the recent sunny days, which have transformed its leaves from a wishy washey to a good dark colour.  I have shown aeoniums in local shows and enjoy sharing cutting and plants with friends.

Here is the little pan of recently propagated Echeveria purple purl, sorry I meant purple pearl...I must have had half my mind on knitting!!!!

I have some leaves of echeveria curly locks waiting to have the same treatment.

The pot of Delosperma: hardy ice plants looks as if they have started to take root.  I was interested to learn that they are hardy succulents with lovely flowers, and the trader at Wells market gave me this little selection of cuttings.  I had taken him a few of cuttings from a selection of my succulents.

I would like to explore the more hardy succulents, at least hardy enough to overwinter in the conservatory...and have discovered on line Surreal Succulents based down near Truro.  They have a handy filter on the site where you can select succulents according to their hardiness.  

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  1. We have an ever growing selection, having the room for over wintering is becoming a problem.