Friday, 25 May 2018

Bugs aplenty

With all the heat and sun, there seem to be so many bugs and beetles around.  This one flew into the conservatory a couple of days ago.  I caught it to look at it but it won't stop still enough for a good picture.  Its a burying beetle: Nicrophorous.  I found it in my copy of Collins Guide to the Insects of Britain and Western Europe and then read more about its lifestyle here.

Now the weather has changed...thank goodness for some rain.  The water butt was empty, and I have planted my home grown french and runner bean plants.  Only two of the runner beans germinated, I think probably from being over watered during the very hot weather.  I have sown more.  A couple of green and yellow courgette plants from the Market have been planted up too.  This year I am also growing a couple of tomato plants.  Last night it was a case of going out in the dark with a torch and catching slugs....which is followed by ten minutes washing off the slime from my hands.


  1. Your beetle is very interesting, not seen one of those before. I think I would wear gloves before I went catching slugs, yuck!

    1. My gloves were getting yucky...and my hands are easier to wash. I have just heard on the radio that Holland and Barrett are selling skin preparations which use slug or snail slime....