Thursday, 25 July 2019

Very Hot today so baked sourdough yesterday

Its all in the planning....

Fine tune techniques and then triple the recipe.  When I first baked this recipe a couple of years ago, I had a tear along the bottom and a hole near the top.  Last week I  baked two loaves.  Compared to when I first made these,  I now have the turning out of the basket , slashing and baking under my belt.  I've found it very useful to bake the same recipe about three times on the trot as this way I get to make small improvements.  I once read that the water in which potatoes have been boiled is worth using in bread...this batch contained the previous day's wate which was kept overnight in the fridge.  Maybe it is the Vitamin C which helps the dough development.

By tripling the ingredients, you get three times the deliciousness of Sourdough, and only have to put the oven on once.  One for now, and two for the freezer.  Three different sizes....

Yesterday's bake was Sourdough Kamut Bread from Perfecting Sourdough by Jane Mason.  Sadly the book is no longer in print, If you find the 2016 book; ISBN 978-1-84543-650-6 in some second hand book shop, and are keen to Perfect your Sourdough, do get it.  I can't believe the prices on the net, but some charity shop or other place may have them at cost or less.

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  1. They look great, I am afraid my bread making is with a bread machine, I add a little yogurt so it’s almost sourdough!