Monday, 24 August 2020

In a Vase on Monday - Simple

 After rains and strong winds the garden is looking as if Autumn has arrived early, but with temperatures still more towards warm rather than cool, as yet there is little sign of colouring.  

The very large blooms of one shrub have stood up reasonably well.  I am hoping these will dry gracefully in situ, and form a nice arrangement for the sideboard in the dining room.  I've taken the opportunity of throwing out all the dried flowers which have been quite wonderful over the last year.

Here are the stems of Hydrangea paniculata Vanille Fraise, on the side table in the conservatory.

Close up there is just a hint of the Strawberry coming through...

When the ones in the garden start to turn pink, I'll pick some more and see how they dry compared to these ones.  Isn't it strange how each year plants behave differently: last year these turned pink far earlier than this.  I prefer these paler cream versions....

This week Cathy is showcasing a beautiful small embroidery as well as her Miniaturist penchant is far miniature vases on the whole, since I love to grow small things.  This week my Vase is quite a contrast to hers.


  1. I love those beautiful frothy hydrangeas! I had never seen them before until we visited my sister in law, many years ago now, on Long Island. Lots of them flowering furiously in October! A very pretty vase today! Amanda

  2. Oh these are so lovely. I yearn for hydrangeas like yours but have not had success with any.

  3. Hydrangeas are an exercise in frustration here but I really wish I could grow one of those in the paniculata species. They're so elegant. I look forward to learning how they perform as they dry.

  4. Those are beauties Noelle. I love that delicate blush of pink. I'm still telling myself that it is still summer despite the heavy rain and gales going on outside 😂

  5. Oh, so very pretty Noelle! They remind me of Victorian ladies and lace handkerchiefs. :-)