Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Cold Weather, warm toes

One day I was walking to Ashow with Penny, wishing I had left my coat behind, and then the next its was so cold, my eyes smarted as I cycled to town.

I have finished my pair of wool and silk socks. Here they are next to my slippers which came all the way from New Zealand. This last warm day was last week, and since then we have been in the grip of frost and ice, but the sun has warmed up the conservatory and it has been lovely sitting out there having lunch etc.

To help the birds, I have been topping up the bird trays with hot water several times during the day, each time they have frozen over, and putting all sorts of treats out. We have about six black birds all vying for prime position. Other birds visiting have been dunnocks, sparrow, great tits, blue tits, coal and long tailed tits, robins, wagtails, wood pigeons, magpies, gold finches, redwings, and greenfinches

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