Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Lace and Bread

Last year I met two fellow knitters at a day course held in Leamington by Web of Wool, and since then we have emailed and chatted and its just one week since Jane and Lynda arrived for their afternoon of knitting and chatting. I had knitted up the Swallowtail scarf in laceweight cashmere and silk in the colour Robin for Jane, and Lynda wanted to start one.

The pattern is in Interweave Magazine Fall 2006. Lynda has been following the daily newletters from Interweave and now I read that Swallowtail came out favourite in a poll of subscribers.

It was a privilege to pass on the skills and tips for lace-knitting. To think it is not two years since my friend Judith launched me on the way of lace knitting with the loan of books and a gift of very fine white wool from the Shetlands.

Jane and Lynda arrived bearing gifts: a lovely basket of growing spring bulbs, and a bag of excellent flour. Last Friday I set about baking using all 1.5Kg to make up four loaves. The rise, texture and flavour are all excellent. The grains are well balanced with as many poppy seeds as I would put in myself.

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  1. Mmmmm, lovely bread. Glad you had a good day passing on your skills.