Thursday, 28 February 2008

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Yes I did feel the quake early Wednesday morning and it woke me up! The bed moved, or gigged/shook for a few seconds, the wardrobe creaked/rattled and the door swung open! At first I thought David had just come upstairs and had flopped onto the bed, which by the way he never does, but all was dark, and he was asleep like an angel. I just rolled over and went back to sleep. When we woke up I asked David if he had felt anything, and he said he did but it got mixed up with his dreams and he thought there were spirits in the bedroom, not surprising as he had been watching 'Most Haunted' the night before.

All this reminded me of the last earthquake back in 1984. It was during the day that time and I was at Raychem helping design a database to take the wiring of a North Sea Oil rig or was it the graph for the price of copper. I was sat at my PC and suddenly felt the earth move. Some buildings in the centre of Swindon had lost some sheet glass I remember. Later when I got home I asked Mum who was staying with me in Swindon if she had felt anything. She confessed that at the time she was having a snooze, but had thought that our dog smudge had tried to have a drink from her cup, as she found it had toppled and some tea spilt. I heard her later apologise to Smudge for doubting him.
Thank goodness there was no damage, to think that in some parts of the world people are used to these and know to run out of their homes.

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