Wednesday, 2 September 2009

More baby knitting

I just seemed to sense when I picked up the ball of Rowan Fine Milk Cotton yarn in Web of Wool that there would not be sufficient to complete the project. Yes, several people checked the pattern, and yes it said one ball.....but I soon realised that there would not be enough.

So I improvised, and in the end I have created a totally unique little hat and shoes. I knitted the flower in a contrasting yarn in a delicate pale aqua cotton,and instead of double yarn on the sole, I used one strand of the white yarn and one of the contrasting yarn. I have a friend who goes to my evening knitting group Rachael, who has some fantastic shoes, one lovely pair was completely black, but with exciting red here is the idea of contrasting soles transcribed for baby bootees...a nice finish are the pretty little flower shaped buttons again from Web of Wool.

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