Wednesday, 2 September 2009

How the times fly

Just ask me what I have been up to, and everything is a whirl. For a start, my nest is in a bit of a mess.....well the garden is. As I write partly from frustration, I cannot believe, that once again, I had to phone the chap doing the garden, to see where he was and was he coming today. It is not raining in Kenilworth, and the project end has now slipped by another day. We have a huge skip on the front drive.....but what I need to keep in mind, is that I shall be able to have a nice front garden, planted out with attractive plants, rather than paviers.

I have a mind to tell the contractor that I am a judge for Kenilworth in Bloom, though I am not the sort really to spread negative reports on people. I am the sort that once a job is started, I like it to progress in a steadied, planned, and orderly fashion.

Enough of that. The past few weeks I have been mainly making jam, pickles and preserves of all sorts. I am absolutely overwhelmed that Mr S has declared that he likes my plum chutney. Except for Branston Pickle, the boy has steered a very wide berth round any pickle. I placed a small pot, just the bit left over from potting up, on the table to have with some pork pie for my lunch. I did not even tell him what it was, or suggested that he taste it. He asked, he tasted, and declared, no I shan't have any mustard, this pickle is very good. I said wait three months when it has matured, and it will be even better!

Loads of jams have been made, and some of the best have been from wild plums, the best being small yellow plums.

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