Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Star Sweater Complete

What a lovely pattern, and with the softest of yarn, this will keep Baby W cosy and warm. Small babies having really large heads in proportion to their bodies. With the small star buttons in yellow, at both sides, this jumper will be so easy to put on. When my son was small I remember having to unpick a jumper, and re knit a much looser neckline because it was so difficult to fit over his head.

The small yellow shells were gathered many years ago, when Mr S and I had a week's holiday on Guernsey. I love to bring a little memento back, and when we walked all along St Ouen's Bay, these little shells were so very numerous there. I'm not sure whether the smaller darker ones came from there, but they are just the same shape, but arranged in size order, the colour changes gradually.


  1. That is very pretty, I love the neckline especially.

  2. I love the sweater you've knitted for baby W Noelle!! It looks beautiful and I'm sure a lot of TLC was went into stitches which makes it extra special!