Thursday, 6 August 2009

Laminaria Shoulderette Completed

This is a great pattern, and even with the hemp yarn which has no give in it, the 'piquant' Estonian Lace stitches, were manageable. The cast off with double yarn, works very well, and I shall use this on other projects with fine yarn.

Having washed it, I played the equivalent of floor based stretches and gymnastics to get this blocked out. Sadly quite a lot of colour ran from the yarn, and when I had finished the stretching on my wires, found that I had pink colour soaked into my white tee shirt.

The neck shawl, which I like to call a tucker, has dried beautifully, and the texture and crispness of the yarn, keep the fine stitch detail.

I took it to the new Knitting and nattering group at the Almanack in Kenilworth this morning. It was great to see many new faces. These knitting groups are great places to make new friends, find new knitting inspiration, and being right in the window at the Almanack, we are certainly on view, so hopefully most of the knitters in Kenilworth around during Thursday morning will soon be popping in.

I was so pleased to hear, yesterday, that one of the knitting groups I used to go to in Swindon, is vibrant and continues to attract many knitters.

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