Thursday, 6 August 2009

Star Baby Knitting

This little jumper knitted in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Yarn, is a quick and easy knit from Debbie Bliss's Book No 3. This Star Jumper is the first knit for Baby W.

I love stars. I'm not a connoisseur of stars, but love them for many reasons, firstly because my Dad used to show me the stars in Mauritius, where one can really see the Milky Way as a band across the night sky. There were still very few street lights when I was young there, and after cyclones when we had no electricity at all, and the skies were clear, it was almost impossible to find a small piece of sky with no stars. I remember when I my mother and sisters were away in the UK, my father used to take me out for walks at night to watch for falling stars. He always seemed to know when to look out for them, and we used to sing Catch a falling Star together, when no one else could hear us....thank goodness for that I can hear my sister Lizzie say. She has a lovely voice, and very generously she has remarked that perhaps I am improving. I wonder whether there is a local choir that takes people who ought to have singing lessons?

Mauritius is also known as 'The Star and the Key of the Indian Ocean'.

I love the allusions to stars in Poetry and Prose. Is that the word I mean?

More Serendipity: In a knitting stitch book, the star pattern is called the Humber Star, and guess what, my mother's grew up on the banks of the Humber!

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