Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tea cosies and jam

My friend Marie-Claire loves her cup of tea, she loves it hot and bright. When I go round to her house, we sometimes share a cup of very special Mauritian Vanilla Tea. When she had one of my brew, she was amazed by the quality even after a few minutes, so I introduced her to the secret of tea cosies.

I have a lovely tea cosy knitted by a great friend, and received by post, with amongst other things, a tea pot to fit, as a house warming present. So everyday, several times a day I think of Judith!

With superb rare breed yarn, I designed and knitted a cosy for Marie-Claire's big tall tea-pot.

Her eldest daughter has worked really hard and is now a very important person, and we are all very proud of her, and guess what, when over to visit her mum, she tasted some of my strawberry jam, and phoned up to ask to have a master class. I explained that she'll have to wait till next year. Well, at least for now, she is returning to London with a pot of my finest, which I was very pleased to give her.

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