Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Garden Wisdom with illustrations by Angie Lewin - An excuse to indulge myself

A few years back, whilst on holiday in Norfolk, I came across a design on a pack of notelets, which just grabbed my attention. I loved the designs so much, that I kept the cards and only sent them to dear friends on special occasions. They are all gone now. Imagine my delight when I came across individual cards by the same artist, in the foyer of the Herbert Museum. I bought one, and back home was able to find more about Angie Lewin
Angie Lewin captures plants and flowers and using a very limited colour pallet, sets their auras in wood engravings. I would just love one of her original prints....... in the meantime, I can now enjoy looking at her work as illustrator in 'Garden Wisdom'.
The book is beautifully produced, and I can see myself not only pouring over the detail of the illustrations, but enjoying the contents. 'Malheuresement' in my excitement of first opening the cardboard box, and trying to open the pages, which had not been properly cut, I have slightly spoilt my book by using a serrated knife to cut the page. The other thing I would have liked would have been a dust cover....but maybe I shall be moved to make one.

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