Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Valentine thoughts

Valentine Evening Pudding consisted of a fat less sponge soaked with fruits of the forest liqueur, and topped with cream folded through with chopped strawberries steeped in liqueur, topped with strawberries and cream and shavings of white and dark chocolate. A little easier that Raymond Blanc's fancy deserts, but I am sure just as tasty!

We must be true soul mates Mr S and I, as we whilst we had a run out in the car, we both agreed on what our thoughts had been over the previous couple of days or so, and we have decided that the spirit of Valentine has been well and truly hijacked by commercial interests. There are now ones which can be sent to mothers, fathers, pets.....We agreed that cards are fun to read, but not easy to find just the right one, and well lovely to send between young things and no so young things who are not yet bound together, or perhaps for people who feel that they do not say 'I love' you often enough.

We have now given each other our last Commercial Valentine Cards......mine was pretty funny and really nice, and had a dog on it, the one I gave to David had lots of lovely decorated cup cakes on it!

Our Valentine Custom is to go out in search of snowdrops, and we were not disappointed by the lovely display at Badesley Clinton. The National Trust Properties are now opening up far earlier in the year, but this time, as the sun was shining we decided to stick to the grounds, and also walked out to the little church. It was there in the church yard where we found our patches of snowdrops. At home our snowdrops are later than they were last year, but in sheltered spots the blooms have lived up their name and defied snow and ice to put on a special show.

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