Tuesday, 24 August 2010

First visit to the Quilting Show

Armed with a packed lunch, lots of nibbles and drinks, I set off for THE SHOW, and was very near to the front of the queue, with time spent chatting to quilters on all sides, some coming from Denmark. I spent most of the time there looking with amazement at the quilts. I've seen traditional quilts before many years ago at the American Museum in Bath, and also when I was a little girl, seeing Aunty Frances make hexagons and sew them together in Mauritius.

I was amazed by the artistry and craftsmanship displayed. I just did not take as many pictures as I would have liked to, I just wanted to spend time there looking at the quilts. Its a good job really, as I think I had the wrong setting on my camera, and I am not at all happy with my efforts. I'm posting some of the best, partly as a big thank you to Claire who organised a group ticket, but who sadly was not well enough to come. One day was not sufficient to take in the treats which were sent in from around the World. I think that next year, I shall have two tickets!

Traditional Black and White, with the smallest amount of red.

Detail of quilt with 'pebbles'.

The winner of the small quilt section, about the size of a sheet of paper!

This Japanese looking quilt was one of my favourite ones.

This one which was inspired by Honesty Flowers was also one of my top favourites.

This quilt was a hanging testament to the person's family and needed a good looking at. What a tribute.

The quilting on this one in the form of barbed wire was truly ingenious.

This one reminded me of planets and Japanese gravel gardens.

Six small quilts ingeniously connected to make a whole with the pattern flowing across. Wonderful artistry and skill.

There were workshops going on, special sections for individual quilters to show their pieces, and a huge area of stalls. I can now understand how this show draws interested people from so far and wide. I chatted to some ladies who were there for the duration, treating this as a holiday, staying in a hotel nearby, and going to a number of classes.

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