Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Interest in things Japanese

My father travelled to Japan in the early sixties and also had a Japanese Plant Friend there. When he returned from his trip I remember begging him to describe the country to me, and he would tell me about his walks looking for plants in the Mountains, the beautiful wooden houses, the baths, etc etc. Although we had no television in Mauritius and I may not have even seen pictures of such things, it was as if I was there.

I still have the pearls which my father brought back for each of us, so I've had an interest in things Japanese since being a little girl; not to a great extent: not sufficient to learn the language or consider a visit there, but in Museums, in magazines or on the TV etc., I am drawn to their wonderful art, landscape, customs etc. For example when we were in Brighton I was drawn to the Museum's small exhibition on Furoshiki. I loved this strong fish design.

I even took a picture of the explanation board.

Having left Mr S enjoying excellent coffee in the Museum tea rooms, I even returned a second time to take some notes. My greatest disappointment was that a very old Furoshiki cloth made using the Sashiko embroidery was on loan to another museum. On return I even managed to find a site on the Japanese Ministry of the Environment showing how to use the technique to wrap various items. I gather it is the equivalent to using cotton shopping bags in the UK. By the stand in the Museum I also met a very nice Japanese Tourist and we chatted about Furoshiki.

Imagine my delight when I visited Rita last week, and I saw on her table an example of a lovely gift wrapped up using fabric Furoshiki

Not only were the Japanese sweetmeats wrapped up this this lovely cloth, it was presented in a beautiful Japanese Basket which was also wrapped up.

Rita has received this gift from the new Japanese Daughter in Law of an old friend. Rita had sent hand knitted gifts for the baby, and they brought this gift all the way from Japan for her. I think Rita got the hint that if she does not wish to keep the wrapping then I would love them!

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