Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Wall Hanging Completed and starting patchwork and quilting properly

For a week before the main event in Birmingham, I've held my own mini expo in the conservatory. Now that it is over, the hangings will be put up in our loo!

This is my first 'original' piece of patchwork and quilting.

On Sunday I went to my first patchwork class at the Quilter's Den in Warwick. It was a warm day, but I would never have thought that I would have sweated so much trying to cut a small square of fabric! Because the cutting table was so low, I arrived home really tired and with lots of aches and pains, and was a bit down so went to bed for a rest. However, the next day, I got out my work and admired my first three 9 patches, and have one more to finish! The joints were not really well matched, so there is much more practice needed.
I realise that I had viewed the results of the works of the gods and goddesses of the craft at the Quilting Show this year.

Yesterday I called a knitting and quilting friend, as I knew she would give me encouragement to continue and in that short time chatting with Claire, I gathered many more tips to add to the ones I had picked up on the day and realised that I had also missed or had not been corrected on things like the right way to press the pieces. I am really grateful to all my craft friends who generously pass on the benefits of their knowledge and skill.

Maybe I am starting to react to the bite of the patchwork and quilting bug!

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