Saturday, 8 October 2011

Doyenne du Comice Harvest

In preparation for 'the harvest', I went to the market early and picked up some empty boxes. As soon as we had dinner on Thursday, I went out and started to pick the pears from our tree, which I planted just three years ago.
The tree had a total of 46 fruits, total yield 13 Kg, the largest fruit being 409 grams, which was just over twice the weight of the smallest 195g. I been trying to find out what weights the fruit grow to.
Earlier in the year Julian came over to look at my fruit trees and it seemed then that I had been doing all the right things regarding pruning, mulching and feeding. Even though we have a small garden its great to have a few trees both for the flowers and the fruit.
In a couple of weeks, the espalier Concorde Pear will be ready to harvest, but with not quite the same quantity or size. I shall be bottling some fruit for Mr S to enjoy, rather than his usual tinned pears! Also I shall be looking out for some pear chutney recipes.

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