Saturday, 1 October 2011

Opening of Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge in Kenilworth

A note was pushed through my door, which I was very pleased with, as it reminded me that the new foot and cycle bridge was being opened on Thursday.

I arranged things such that I arrived in time. I used the cycle path through the common, but I came to a part which was still being worked on. There was a very good asphalt smooth base, but for a reason I just cannot fathom, this was being topped with bitumen and fine golden gravel. I had to squeeze past the lorry and workmen....and it was only when I got home that I found that I had got tar on the bottom of my sandals and on my new white trousers!!!! I have cleaned off the sandals but I am still working on the trousers.

What a hot day, and what long speeches....I had to retreat to the back to the shadier part of the path, but by climbing the mounting block, got a good view and picture. I had a nice chat with a couple of handsome officers, who obligingly posed for their photos. Our officer in the high vis jacket had come on his bike too. I was pleased to hear that soon they will be back in Kenilworth, albeit with a smaller office in the same building which is being refurbished.

There was a good turn out of walkers and cyclists, including children cycling from a nearby school, and here is the first tandem to cross the bridge peddled by my neighbours Mark and Bethany.

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  1. Bethany loved the photo of her. They went back over the bridge yesterday as part of a trip to burton Green and Balsall Common.