Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Pastimes

My Easter week started with meeting up with a good friend, a bit of wool shopping, and lunch and natter, and a promise to this again but in Stratford, then back to collect and take Mr S to the dentist....
Mr S had a big extraction at the beginning of last week, so most of our holiday was spent looking after him.  A few days later he was fit enough to enjoy our trip to London, booked weeks before we knew he had a cracked root canal filling.  With the cold weather, it was the British Museum, Heal's restaurant, a saunter round the iconic store, and recognising items made in the gorgeous wool woven by Melin Tregwynt , and the Wellcome Collection, coffee and cake shop and brisk walks.  I cannot remember going to the British Museum before, this is the first of many visits.

As we had caught an early train, we arrived at the museum before the galleries were open, but later the place was packed, and it seemed that every person visiting London was there.  At the Wellcome Collection, we were rather underwhelmed by an exhibition of Japanese Art, the words Emperor and Clothes came to mind, but upstairs we found many items in the displays interesting.

The really chilly weather, with icy fingers penetrating even several layers has meant more time than normal spent inside.  This time last year, the garden was bounding along...this year, well for the last few days I have ventured out with coat, gloves and hat to hang out washing, and that is about it.  Our front garden being shady had snow lying around for over a week.

In between various indoor cleaning tasks, yes its that time of year, when low sunshine shows up those dusty nooks and crannies....I baked:  a soft milk plait for Mr S with no poppy seeds, which ended so big, half went into the freezer.  Yesterday I completed my lovely sourdough wholemeal loaves, as an antidote to the soft white bread.  One is kind to the mouth, the other much kinder to one's guts.

So with the cold weather, and 'nursing', I worked on a design for a little jumper for new baby Daniel.  At first I knitted a nice swatch, which is a practice piece with a knot design, but then when I knitted it up in the yarn I had bought, it just did not work, as the yarn was variegated!

Less than a week later, I have the little jumper and hat ready for Penny to collect for her grandson today.

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  1. You didn't see the ice age exhibition at the British Museum! Its the talk of London! I've had some lovely conversations with people talking about how wonderful it is, whilst we've been drinking coffee at the Royal Academy, I can't wait to see it. Shame you missed it.