Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pulmonaria stars of the garden this week

Spring has sprung in my garden with bees and bumble bees are buzzing around.  This is the second week that a Brimstone Butterfly has been flitting in and out of the garden, and I have spied other types as well.  A pair of bullfinches are visiting the feeders regularly, and so long as they keep off the fruit trees, they are a welcome sight.  Its the Pulmonaria which are flowering away in various corners of the garden which are the stars this week.

From the darkest one a plain blue colour with dark leaves: Blue Ensign

to a beautiful dainty white one which grows with leaves well marked white blotches:  Sissinghurst

Against the gazebo a pretty pink unknown, and several more around the garden...I've taken pictures put for some reason they are not uploading and I shall try again.

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