Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Is Sainsburys committed to reducing food miles?

I was washing up the tetra pacs ready for recycling, and was astounded by a few very small words on the back, saying packaged in Spain.  I thought this must have been a typo as it was English Apple Juice.

I spent a few minutes on the phone to Sainsbury help I discovered that English apple and William Pear Juice...not from concentrate, goes all the way to Spain to be packed....I did not get far really, they did confirm it was English apple juice, but it joins the Pear Puree and is packaged then comes all the way back to the UK.   I suggested it would be better for the Pear to come and meet the apple juice in the UK and be packaged here.  If I wanted to take it further I would have to there is no email address etc!!! 

I think the marketing of this Apple and Pear Juice is ridiculous and a false way of getting people to buy British with less food miles....but the apple juice goes all the way to Spain and back to meet up with pear puree and packaged in Spain, why cannot the pear puree come to the UK?  Moreover surely we could have UK Pear Puree? 

A couple of days ago I heard on the radio that Sainsburys had reduced the diameter of the cardboard centre of their loos rolls so that they could pack more into a lorry and hence reduce the number of lorry journeys....what a shame to then squander them sending Apple Juice to Spain, only to bring it back again.

Wrote about this to the BBC Food Programme, but I had an automated message come back that they had so many emails there was no guarantee than they would be read or a reply sent.  If you can get a message someway to Sainsburys, please do so....

Anyway I usually get Copella Juice, grown, juiced, packaged on the farm in Suffolk, and will stick to this in the future.  

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