Friday, 8 May 2015

Early May Posy

How nice to get back from a couple of weeks away, to step into the garden, and see how spring has sprung.  A little posy of Spring flowers...

A couple of prunnings of the Mrytle Luma Apiculata, with its pretty cream edged leaves, a few stems of Tiarella Spring Symphony,

which is flowering beautifully in a shady border, and across the path Dicentra Eximia also known as Fringed Bleeding Heart is also doing well.  It has lovely ferny leaves and grows wild in North America.

This year the Epimediam Grandiflorum Lilafee which also has a lovely 'common' name of Lilac Fairy Barrenwort, is flowering, and deserves to have me kneel down to look into into pretty small flowers.  If there are fairies in my garden, at the moment they would be looking after this one very carefully.

At the front some daisies bought with my grand daughter earlier in the year and a large Heuchera Leaf.  In a couple of months time we are having a new category at our gardening club: a small arrangement.  What I would improve on this one, is to have leaves that are in proportion to the flowers, and instead of the Heuchera leaf, find some smaller ones.

The Fothergilla Gardenii Blue Mist, is a little too precious and too small to cut a few stems, but next year maybe!

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