Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mallorca: Day at Valldemossa

The local buses are very good, but watch out for the more limited timetable on Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank Holidays which means that buses can be quite full particularly on Market Day.  They are however on time, and for the late afternoon slot, they must have anticipated this, and put on two buses.  I love to visit markets to see what local small holders, farmers, and food producers are bringing in, but Mr S is not quite so interested, mainly because there are also the usual stalls of clothes, bags etc.  Sunday is market day in Valldemossa, and it is held on a car park  away from the mainly pedestrianized town centre, and well worth visiting if you are there.  There are still cars on the cobbled streets, but I think there must be a system for residents to park close to their homes, without the drag of passing traffic going through.

This time we passed on the Museum and Palau del Rei Sanc, thinking we would visit again later in the week!  It was far too nice to be inside.  We arrived at about 11 and the streets were still quiet.  We walked into the little park, where neat beds of roses were in full flower.  Looking up we had a view of the Monastery

  We explored side streets

found interesting hanging gardens of succulents and other 'house' plants, usually on the shadier side of the houses to avoid the hot sunshine.

down one little alley, we found the perfect little cafe for a break

At first we were totally on our own, and spent nearly half an hour enjoying the most wonderful of views.  After that there were flocks of people, who must have arrived on a coach, visited the Museums, then come tumbling out.

Down another road, there was a sign, a small entrance, and a shop jammed with locals...what other could it be than a baker?  Of course we went in.  This was not a show bakery, but with seats for some of the elderly customers, they sat chatting away amongst themselves.  It felt  like the best of  community centres.  They must have been waiting for their orders.  We bought bits and pieces of delicious pies and tarts for a picnic lunch, but we also spied a tapas bar opposite so later ended there for wine and nibbles after our walk up a country path.

The main roads are lined with interesting souvenir shops, bars and restaurants, but there were also other interesting side streets worth visiting.

Along one road leading to the home of a chapel dedicated to Catalina Thomas, the houses have different tiles

The architecture all around the old town is interesting.  The town is clean and tidy and well maintained.  Down one small side street, it seemed as it you were walking through what may have once been a group of farm houses, with the upper story of the larger house being open to one side with stone arches holding up the roof.  I could just imagine fruit, and vegetables being dried there.  Maybe it was simply a lovely cooler 'outdoor' living room with wonderful views across the valley.  I just felt like letting my imagination 'invent' the scene, authentic or not, the romance of the place had really got into me.  We had fully intended revisiting Valldemossa during our stay, but we ran out of time, there will definitely be a next time.

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