Thursday, 3 September 2015

Autumn Show

The September Show was a great success last night.  This is the first time that I have been Show Secretary at the Kenilworth Horticultural Club, and I could feel the tension mounting.  Therefore despite having bought some of the ingredients for baking, I decided to  let others have a chance, since I have been winning prizes in those categories for a few years now!  I did have have nice comments made to me though last evening on how I ought to have entered etc.

It was easy enough for me to grab a couple of jars of jam, and a couple of jars of Chutney, remake the labels without my name on them, and put them in.  I had not even tasted the spicy Mango Chutney, and I am very pleased with the Judges's comments on that one.  The Piccalilli won the second prize.  The Wild Plum Jam, fruit picked by Steve and left on my doorstep, won first prize, and The Kenilworth Cherry Jam, fruit from Roz's garden,  won second prize.  The judges' comments on this last one amuzed me:  a Little Chunky.  I though, am really pleased with this, as I wanted at least half of the cherries to be almost whole, as I intended it to be used with yogurt, or wedges of almond cake etc for desert, so for this it was spot on for me!

My 'wild' fern, which just grew by itself on the edge of one of my beds, and later transferred to the lovely container found for me by Penny, was not placed, but the judge really likes my Scilla.

I bought the Scilla at the Shrewsbury Show in 2014.  I thought then that the name was incorrect.  I tried to contact the seller but the company had closed due to retirement, but today through Google and searching pictures I have found out that it is Ledebouria socialis, or Scilla socialis, Silver Quill, Leopard Lily...By looking back just one year, I am amazed at how well it have filled out.  Now that it has its prize, I shall be splitting it up, with one piece already being reserved by the Judge!  Loving plants with nice details I feel for this one immediately.  The bulb grows on the surface and is covered with a purple flaking skin, and the flowers though not showy are well worth peering into.  I love the word socialis and I imagine it is because of the way all the small bulbs just crowd up on themselves.