Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Pan Chancay Buns from Peru

This is the mid May bun bake from our Face Group baking our way through The Book of Buns.  We were out of 'breakfast buns', so I was delighted that I would be baking some slightly sweet buns.

As for the Chancay Buns with their flavour from raw cane sugar, powdered anise seed, and ground cinnamon, these will most definitely be baked again.

Yesterday I had 'struggled' with baking a sourdough loaf, and this was as a balm to my soul.  The Pan Chancay buns are lovely and light, delicious, fragrant and the little seeds on the top are a bit of a tease.  As they are held on with a melted butter glaze, they are apt to fall off, but what is a finger for but to pick up these toasted seeds from your plate.  All I can think of is how my baking has progressed as I have baked for nearly two years from this Book, and how my sourdough will improve in the next two years.

I have several tips regarding the sourdough from fellow bakers on the Facebook Group working through Jane Mason's new book: Perfecting Sourdough.   

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